Perpetual Leads

A One-Day Business and Marketing Workshop That Teaches Low-Budget, High-Impact, Cyclical Lead Generation That Does NOT Require Social Media, but requires a Great Attitude and BIG heart to help people.


3 Shenton Way #07-02

Singapore 068805

Why Am I Doing This?

Much of the world is breaking due to a “separation” mindset. The only way that we can make ourselves and others successful is by helping other people succeed. This is my core philosophy. I have already helped people in my 1300+ person community over the last 2 years with more than 50 gatherings… at zero cost.

In this Event You Will Learn How To:

  • Connect your personal vision to your work – no more lack of clarity.
  • Create the right connections in the right way – no more fear lacking referrals!
  • Expand your influence – learning to become a masterful adviser beyond just your work.