The 6-Week “Unbreakable” Coaching Series

Learn to master yourself to maximize your direction in business and life

Stuart Tan is one of the most exceptionally gifted coaches I’ve ever met. Frankly, I don’t have much respect for most of the folks who parade themselves as “coaches” these days. Most of them do not have even the basic skills required to coach themselves let alone clients. Stuart is not only qualified, he’s attained a degree of world class mastery that few will ever reach. He’s one of a very small handful of people I trust enough to go to for this type of assistance, and I do so regularly.

Mark Joyner

Chairman, Construct Zero

  • Recognize your strengths;
  • Determine a clear vision forward;
  • Eliminate your personal limitations using special NLP techniques without needing to spend 3 months learning NLP;
  • Understand the “guerrilla marketing” mindset and get an interview I did with Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing valued at $39;
  • Determine how to implement your business plans utilizing a little known secret to effective leverage in your business;
  • Creating powerful networks with the right people and how to do it well without appearing needy and suspicious even if you are an introvert;
  • Be the first to receive a PDF copy of my eBook, “UnbreakaMichael Teohble” valued at $29!

Stuart has been a great mentor and friend to me, and he delivers amazing value, especially in his consulting and client coaching practices. Stuart pays very deep attention towards helping clients and businesses to understand their limitations and helping them to harness their strengths. He is also highly knowledge-able and very well exposed to the global practices of coaching, consulting and training through the work he has done for many, many renowned clients. I would highly recommend Stuart’s services

Michael Teoh

Founder (Thriving Talents), Global Advisor (Microsoft YouthSpark), Speaker (, Radio DJ & Author-Columnist

I had the extreme pleasure of being mentored by Stuart. Withoutquestion my life has been hugely impacted by the coaching,wisdom and thought provoking time with him. If anyone has anopportunity to engage with Stuart I would not hesitate. Gratefuland forever changed.

Jennifer Yabrough

Nonprofit Expert and Master Coach

Stuart approaches coaching with surgical precision. He uncoverssubconscious roadblocks and eradicates limited beliefs. After myfirst session with him, my productivity and clarity increasedsignificantly. I highly recommend Stuart!

Chris Gloss


Stuart assisted me in the direction of my business. Very quickly, he was able to identify a couple of options that I could focus on that put my business in motion. He listened to my concerns then found solutions that I started to implement immediately. Thank you so much for the feed back and support. I look forward to working with you again.

Linda Lamont

Lead Generation Expert for Dentists

One of the most insightful and knowledgeable coaches I have come across. Stuart speaks with authority and conviction. His work is founded on sound knowledge and principles. He brings his points across in a very clear and engaging manner. His seminar was very well-received. Would definitely recommend him to organisations looking to train their management to develop themselves and lead their people to greater heights!

Lawrence Lim

Author, From Doing to Dreaming; Former Chief of Artillery, SAF